Tatiana Bugaeva

Vyzkoušet 1. hodinu zdarma

I believe that learning a new language can change your life completely: one job interview that you’ll nail in English, one fantastic date with someone you like, one successful meeting with an important foreign client, one language exam that will open the doors to any University in the world. English will give you the freedom to choose who you want to be and what you want to do with your life.

Don’t miss the chance. Make yourself proud.

I’m Tania, a trained teacher of English, a native Russian based in Slovakia. I’ve been teaching English for 10 years both in Russia and Slovakia. I’m a mom to a pre-schooler and life is both wonderful and busy with him.

I moved to Slovakia 2,5 years ago and started a new life here as a foreigner. I absolutely love my life here. I love hiking in the mountains and taking pictures.

My lessons are well-structured and there’s always an outcome that you take away from the lesson: all the hard work is done in class. We set the goals and we achieve them every single lesson.



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