Přiveďte kamaráda, sekretářku nebo tetičku, a máte u nás 2 lekce navíc zdarma k vašemu dalšímu předplatnému.

Stálí klienti prostě musí dostat něco extra. Vy od nás získáte jednu lekci zdarma při každém 3. předplatném 15 lekcí.

Chcete překvapit své blízké dárkem, který má opravdovou cenu? Jazykový kurz přes Skype je jasná volba. Tady vám povíme, jak na to.

Helen Farrell

I am a native british speaker, but moved to the Czech Republic about 9 years ago.I have two beautiful, wild, curiosity filled, and pure energy fulled children, who keep me on my toes and off LOL, I have a twin sister who is embarking on the journey of motherhood for the third time, (one of us had to win the ‚ who -has- the- most- children game‘ 😉 ). And I have one older brother who resides in beautiful, sunny, albeit somewhat dysfunctional france.( but ViVa la french cheese, Mňamka!). My dad is a retired art lectora and a mild bohemian at heart :), and my mum is a retired speacial needs teacher, who still teaches. Come on, we all know that teachers never really go into retirement ;). I live in a house in a little village with my family which includes our dog,a big soft gentle white swiss shepheard called… Nanook, apparently it’s a type of ice-cream, (but, sshh, we haven’t told him for fear he might lick himself to death).
So that’s enough off the personal stuff. Now for the professional stuff.
I have about 3 years experience teaching business
English, FCE and PET. and about 6 years experience teaching
conversation and grammar. The level of students I have taught have
have ranged from beginer to advanced, from individual lessons (my favourite type of class 🙂 ) to groups of 10. There is a gap in my teaching career where I spent my time learning how to be confident mummy, for those first time mums, ‚ No you aren’t doing it wrong ,and, yes your baby is normal! ‚ 🙂 ) I do feel I am a very sympathetic teacher and am considerate and understanding of the needs of my students as an individuals, and as part of a group, therefore my lesson are taylor made to fit the student/s.
Living in a foreign country has not only given my a greater apprecitation and love for my mother tounge but it has also given me a great insight
into some of the problems which english language
learners often experience, and because of that I am able to offer
simple and helpful explanations to aid and
encourage confident understanding and learning of english.
I do not have a strict method of teaching, (no canes, for beating knoweldge into you! 😉 ) I believe laughter and regular doses of positive encouraging is key to allowing my students to feel confident about speaking and experimenting with english, as it creates a relaxed and unpretentious enviroment. ( every one is a winner here! 🙂 ) I believe that, as a teacher, if I can meet my student’s expectations, they will meet the expectations they have of themselves. Yes, you can use that quote if you like 😉 !!
I would be privileged to have the opportunity to guide you on your journey of english langauge learning.