Study English via Skype

  • Do you wish to confidently speak, understand and not to be afraid to simply write without web translators?
  • Are yout that shy type that does even get his/her foot in the door at group courses conversations?
  • Do you want to learn how to think in a foreign language and give a natural impressions?
  • Are you constantly busy and cannot possibly manage commuting to a language course on the top of that?
  • Do you start to panic when you pick up the phone and you can hear Spanish at the other end of line?
  • Do you need to dust off your foreign language knowledge for a job interview?
  • Does your child love languages but does not have enough opportunities at school?
  • Are you a mother on maternity leave and studying from home is ideal for you, while your baby is having an after-lunch nap?

Types of courses we offer

All levels

English conversation

Preparation for exams PET, FCE, CAE

Preparation for secondary school and university admission exams

Business English courses + phone calls, writing emails, presentations

Preparation for a job interview in English

Courses for mothers on maternity leave

Private English lessons for secondary school and university students

Studovat budete individuálně, a kurz vám sestavíme přesně podle vašich přání a potřeb.
Jak často se chcete učit, necháme jen a jen na vás.
Naši skvělí lektoři vám rádi budou těmi nejbáječnějšími průvodci. Těšíte se?

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Martin Procházka

Martin Procházka


I will be glad to teach to both, business and informal British English and I explain grammar using illustrative examples. And all this is with a great patience and a friendly approach that facilitate a natural absorption of a language. “You will enjoy English.”

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Martina Macháčková

Mgr. Martina Macháčková


When teaching a language, I love that „I see“ moment, when it starts making sense to the person and he/she is starting to understand more and more and is happy for these own achievements of being able to express whatever he/she Leeds in a completely different language.

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Kateřina Duchoňová

Mgr. Kateřina Duchoňová

Angličtina, Španělština

I enjoy lessons with you and I will do my best so that you enjoy them too!

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Why study English?

  • You can make yourself understood (with a bit of luck) all over the world.
  • You can get a much better job.
  • You can study and work abroad.
  • You can have a chit chat on holiday, even if we do not know the language of the natives.
  • You can watch movies in English (no more annoying dubbings or poorly translated subtitles).

English is simply the basis. And we will teach you using the most efficient method, via Skype!

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