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Přiveďte kamaráda, sekretářku nebo tetičku, a máte u nás 2 lekce navíc zdarma k vašemu dalšímu předplatnému.

Stálí klienti prostě musí dostat něco extra. Vy od nás získáte jednu lekci zdarma při každém 3. předplatném 15 lekcí.

Chcete překvapit své blízké dárkem, který má opravdovou cenu? Jazykový kurz přes Skype je jasná volba. Tady vám povíme, jak na to.


Find out what our students say about language courses.

The huge advantage is that it is only you and the tutor there. You have to respond and that does somehow force you to “learn”. I also have to praise the tutor (Katky D.), always prepared,  entire adjustment to the student´s needs + friendly approach as an added value I thank you and recommend! Pros of Skype lessons: Of course, the biggest advantage is that you do not have to go anywhere, you only have to connect – a maximum flexibility – and everybody loves that , don´t they. You do not need a textbook, because the tutor will share all needed grammar and exercises via Google disk…what more do you need? Cons of Skype lessons: Of course, it is necessary to count with such possible technical problems-such as loss of signal, no battery, not working microphone….. These problems can be, however, very quickly fixed and carry on with the lesson It is always better and easier  than missing your last tram to get  to a course on time

Anežka Hucíková

My lessons with Mrs Hana are simply great. I must say, I have never thought I would be looking forward to English lessons. My fears of embarrassing myself with my lack of knowledge were soon dispersed and I can try to achieve one of my dreams, that I will be able to speak in English, at least about something. Thank you very much for Mrs Hana and I wish you a lot of success. With my regards Renata S. Pros of Skype lessons: I do not lose time by unnecessarycommuting to the lessons. Cons of Skype lessons: ––––

Renata S.

I am satisfied with the course. We go through different interesting topics and thanks to that my vocabulary enriches. I also like the method of receiving homework. Pros of Skype lessons: As a mother on maternity leave I most appreciate the time saving thanks to no commuting to lessons and also the fact that I can arrange my study according to my time availability. Cons of Skype lessons: I kind of cannot imagine studying grammar via Skype.


I consider Jana´s course as very successful. The tutor´s approach is great, lessons are manifold, interesting and very beneficial. Pros of Skype lessons: I do not need to commute. Cons of Skype lessons: ––––


I am satisfied with the course I have chosen as a conversation opportunity for practising general communication. Pros of Skype lessons: “time saver” Cons of Skype lessons: ––––


I am more than satisfied, when circumstances allow it, I wish to continue. Pros of Skype lessons: I think it is needless to go into great detail. Cons of Skype lessons: The investment into “getting to” an English lesson is so small, that it is easily forgotten. So it is worth having a phone contact just in case:)


I consider the course to be of a high quality. Eva is always prepared, nice, and the lessons run fast. Pros of Skype lessons: With two kids at home, definitely a time saver! It is beneficial that with English via Skype I also practice my telephone skills which had been a sort of huge scare for me in the past, but now I hardly feel it:-) Cons of Skype lessons: A personal contact is always better, I think. But under today circumstances the advantages of Skype lessonsdefinitely outbalance the disadvantages.


The course with Jana suits me very much. Each lesson contains all forms of education, from grammar, conversation to a chance of learning some slang expressions that you cannot find anywhere in books. Pros of Skype lessons: I see a great advantage in time saving. I can have my lessons from the comfort of my home. Skype persuades me to “think in English” every minute because I am face to face with my tutor. Cons of Skype lessons: ––––


Vendula is the best tutor I have ever met! She can definitely teach and she is willing to keep on correcting your mistakes until the knowledge is hammered into your head.


Dear Miss Servítová (Kochová). I have finally got some time to let you know how I did on Friday. With distinction   . I had it pretty rehearsed, was nervous only a little, so I must admit it sounded like a very nice presentation. From the group I did the exam with, my work was unrivalled, honestly. Even the professor evaluated it as the best. And you have a huge share in this, because without you it would be too immature and I would noit be able to make it on time without you. Once again a huge thank you for your help, the excellent grade goes mainly to you.


Lessons lead by Jana were the best ones I have ever had – including lessons with native speakers. The course was for six people at a language school and the main topic was a preparation for a FCE exam. Each lesson took place in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere (which I believe is largely the tutor´s merit). The lessons were perfectly prepared with an individual approach to each of us. They were beneficial perhaps in all spheres of the language –vocabulary, grammar as well as conversation. Despite the possibility of a break, it has become a rule taking the two-and-a-half-hour lesson in one stretch, and still the lesson ran very fast and every week I looked forward to the next lesson. Not only for these reasons, I would highly recommend Jana´s lessons to anyone who wants to learn English.


Hello Jana, I must write to you to inform you that I passed my FCE exam with grade B and that I am truly deliriously happy. Thank you very much for contributing to this result, I have gained a lot from lessons with you. It was both, instructive as well as funny and for me as an elderly person (he he) a return to the good old student time. I appreciate information I have acquired from you and your easy – going approach, as I have already said in person, your lessons are enjoyable. And that is important, combining work and leisure so that the work is worth something. That simply cannot be learned, that is in you. I wish you a lot of luck and thank you one more time.


FCE exam preparation course: I consider the course as very good. We have gone through all the exam parts and I received a lot of good advices how to prepare for the exam and what to watch out for. It was obvious these advices were based on real experiences.  The lessons were managed perfectly and miss tutor was able to motivate even the less outspoken students and engage them into activities. Despite the longer lessons, 2,5 hours of actual time, I always left the lessons in a good mood and with a feeling I have gained something from the lesson and I have shifted my level of language another step up. I passed my exam with grade B (74 points from total 100).


Miss Jana is a very nice person, that can work with any type of personality at any level of language and also has the ability to take advantage of the clients´ weak points. She also gives practical, effective and feasible tailored advices with regards to steps needed to improve the English lessons. She is reliable, pro-active, creative and always has a charming smile on her lips.


Jana is a professional. The courses that she leads is a joy to attend and I can recommend them to everybody that wish to learn English applying a playful technique and also spend time with a nice and obliging person. My English course with tutor Jana has been very beneficial and I have gained a lot of knowledge for further studies. The tutor´s approach and teaching method is very engaging, interactive, and thanks to her longer stay in England  she uses her real life experiences mostly. I can only recommend!