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Přiveďte kamaráda, sekretářku nebo tetičku, a máte u nás 2 lekce navíc zdarma k vašemu dalšímu předplatnému.

Stálí klienti prostě musí dostat něco extra. Vy od nás získáte jednu lekci zdarma při každém 3. předplatném 15 lekcí.

Chcete překvapit své blízké dárkem, který má opravdovou cenu? Jazykový kurz přes Skype je jasná volba. Tady vám povíme, jak na to.

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The huge advantage is that it is only you and the tutor there. You have to respond and that does somehow force you to “learn”.

I also have to praise the tutor (Katky D.), always prepared,  entire adjustment to the student´s needs + friendly approach as an added value

I thank you and recommend!

Pros of Skype lessons:

Of course, the biggest advantage is that you do not have to go anywhere, you only have to connect – a maximum flexibility – and everybody loves that , don´t they.

You do not need a textbook, because the tutor will share all needed grammar and exercises via Google disk…what more do you need?

Cons of Skype lessons:

Of course, it is necessary to count with such possible technical problems-such as loss of signal, no battery, not working microphone…..

These problems can be, however, very quickly fixed and carry on with the lesson

It is always better and easier  than missing your last tram to get  to a course on time

Anežka Hucíková

My lessons with Mrs Hana are simply great. I must say, I have never thought I would be looking forward to English lessons. My fears of embarrassing myself with my lack of knowledge were soon dispersed and I can try to achieve one of my dreams, that I will be able to speak in English, at least about something. Thank you very much for Mrs Hana and I wish you a lot of success. With my regards

Renata S.

Pros of Skype lessons:

I do not lose time by unnecessarycommuting to the lessons.

Cons of Skype lessons:


Renata S.

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