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Bc. Pavlína Charouzová

My name is Pavlína Charouzová, I am 23 years old and I studied English and Russian language. Even though nobody would have guessed it today, seven years ago I could only understand English, but not speak. I was afraid of making a mistake and the other will not understand me. Unfortunately, nobody told me at that time, that people learn from mistakes and mistakes are part of the learning process. Fortunately, I traveled to the USA during my university studies, fell in love and now I use English on daily basis.

It was only after I started using the language actively, when I got rid of my problem. Therefore I know how difficult it can be for somebody to overcome that barrier. Thus we will speak 90% of our lesson and I will be pleased to help you fight this problem and turn your passive English vocabulary into an active one.

My aim is to pass on English knowledge to you in the possibly most interesting and effective way. You will not encounter automatic filling in of exercises and with an impersonal approach. By contrast, we will laugh and use English, because neither Czech language was acquired by memorizing vocabulary, but by contact with people.

I look forward to lessons with you,

Těším se na hodiny s vámi,