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Lukáš Jindra

Lukáš Jindra

Thanks to my parents, I have started to study foreign languages since my childhood. First English, then German, I did not care about progresses then, I did not compare myself much with anybody else, I just enjoyed the fact that I am fond of it and find it interesting. I then also studied teaching English and German language at the university. I longed for a contact with the foreigners and that came true later, during my study and business trips (Germany, the USA, Spain). I realised that a language can be easily learned even at an adult age, in my case it was Spanish, as long as you want to and are not bashful. And this bashfulness I wish to eliminate in my students too. To communicate with them about real topics according to their needs and wishes. In short, to create the environment of the language in their home or anywhere else.

I am looking forward to meeting you and experiencing your success!