Bring a friend, your secretary or auntie and you will get 3 lessons free from your next prepaid package!

Regular clients simply must get something extra. You will obtain one free lesson as part of every third prepaid 15 lessons package.


Mgr. Kateřina Duchoňová

Languages have always been my passion. In my life I have started to teach many several languages with enthusiasm, from Hungarian language, Catalan language to Swedish language. May be I got too carried away by the idea saying that “the more languages you know, the more persons you are! There must be something amazing about it, to be more than one person!

I started teaching English and Spanish in year 2007. At first I worked at a language school Aspena in Brno and later on at a language school Experience in Blansko, where I had a chance to try public as well as company courses, and that is from the very beginners to international exam takers.

When I moved to Sweden in 2012, I missed my students and my language lessons and I started thinking how to get them back as soon as possible. I got the idea that it could work via Skype. And it works excellently!

From the chilly Northern Stockholm I will be happy to teach you English or Spanish, wherever you are! Everything is possible! I have learnt my part about this.

I enjoy lessons with you and I will do my best so that you enjoy them too!