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Jana Kochová

My name is Jana Kochová and I will be celebrating my 30th birthday this year. I have studied English and Czech language at a pedagogy college. This way, I have had an opportunity to join my big hobby, psychology, with study of English. During my studies, I went on a year-stay to Great Britain, to London. I met a lot of interesting people and learned what you do not learn about English at school. I brought home Cambridge certificates FCE and CAE from London. Still during my studies, I already hoped that one day I will be able to work with people. At the present, I have already been cooperating with language schools and giving private English lessons for the ninth year. I prepare courses for companies and the public at all levels, of diverse focus – general English courses, business English and intensive courses. Last year I also became a tutor of Scientific Learning Programmes. These, being available to students of all ages, accelerate learning via individual applications based on modern research in the functions and faculties of a human brain. At that same time I also enhanced my focus on education of our little ones, because believe me, it is never too early to start with a new language!

From my life experience and experience gathered during my work as an English tutor, it is clear to me, studying languages, not just English language, is a long-distance run, especially for those of you that do not have a chance to travel abroad and stay in an English environment for a while.

I focus on an immaculate implementation of each course structure in such way so that you feel you have gained a lot of new knowledge form the time spent with me. I will prepare an English course tailored to suit you. I am very much looking forward to meeting You.