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Přiveďte kamaráda, sekretářku nebo tetičku, a máte u nás 2 lekce navíc zdarma k vašemu dalšímu předplatnému.

Stálí klienti prostě musí dostat něco extra. Vy od nás získáte jednu lekci zdarma při každém 3. předplatném 15 lekcí.

Chcete překvapit své blízké dárkem, který má opravdovou cenu? Jazykový kurz přes Skype je jasná volba. Tady vám povíme, jak na to.

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A completion of the placement test is not mandatory for the acquirement of the free trial lesson nor for any other further continuance in the course!

About the founder of hodina zdarma o autorce portret

About the founder of

Mgr. Jana Kochová

My name is Jana Kochová and I will be celebrating my 30th birthday this year. I have studied English and Czech language at a pedagogy college. This way, I have had an opportunity to join my big hobby, psychology, with study of English. During my studies, I went on a year-stay to Great Britain, to London. I met a lot of interesting people and learned what you do not learn about English at school. I brought home Cambridge certificates FCE and CAE from London. Still during my studies, I already hoped that one day I will be able to work with people. At the present it is my ninth year of cooperating with language schools and giving private English lessons. I prepare courses of diverse focus for companies and the public at all levels – general English courses, business English and intensive courses. Last year I also became a tutor of Scientific Learning Programmes. These, being available to students of all ages, accelerate learning via individual applications based on modern research in the functions and faculties of a human brain. At that same time I also enhanced my focus on education of our little ones, because believe me, it is never too early to start with a new language!

I was brought to the idea of passing over my knowledge and experience via Skype programme 2 years ago by an immensely important life experience for me – the birth of our son. It was not long before a project called MOUNT YOUR ENGLISH LIKE A HORSE (MASTER YOUR ENGLISH) came to life. At first, I was sceptical towards technical conveniences of today modern world, having preferred personal contact style of teaching, however, I soon realised this is a very effective, interactive way compared to regular courses and for most of us very economical and comfortable in today rushed world. What´s more, it offers limitless opportunities!

From my life experience and experience gathered during my work as an English tutor, it is clear to me, studying languages, not just English language, is a long-distance run, especially for those of you that do not have a chance to travel abroad and stay in an environment typical for the language.

And you are exactly the one our team is here for. Together with my experienced and creative tutors we focus on individual approach to each of you, we prepare lessons for you carefully so that you feel you have really gained a lot of new knowledge from the time spent with us and that you have moved a step up the ladder! We have not just MASTERED ENGLISH, we prepare not just English lessons for you, but newly also German, French and Spanish lessons. We are LANGON – languages online! Try your free trial lesson and find out the advantages of online study yourself!

Jana and my team of excellent tutors