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Přiveďte kamaráda, sekretářku nebo tetičku, a máte u nás 2 lekce navíc zdarma k vašemu dalšímu předplatnému.

Stálí klienti prostě musí dostat něco extra. Vy od nás získáte jednu lekci zdarma při každém 3. předplatném 15 lekcí.

Chcete překvapit své blízké dárkem, který má opravdovou cenu? Jazykový kurz přes Skype je jasná volba. Tady vám povíme, jak na to.

Why choose studying via Skype?

1. Comfortably from anywhere

Lesson from the comfort of your home, or office, simply anywhere you have access to internet connection. You make the choice of when and how often you want to study. Our team of experienced tutors is here at your disposal 24 hours 7 days a week!

2. Individual approach

Have you got experience with group courses? Were there moments, when you did not necessarily get your turn? Try the individual language lessons via Skype. Our skilful tutors are here for you! They will evaluate your knowledge and, with a focus on your requirements and wishes, they will prepare a course tailored to your needs!

3. More output for your money

Lessons via Skype come about in an interactive and effective form! Thanks to the Skype and Hangouts modes such as screen sharing and possibility of usage of a vast number of educational material we keep you incessantly alert! And what´s more, in comparison with normal individual language lessons you save your time and money!

4. Have you forgotten something?

Do not worry! You can record your lessons and thus remind yourself of what you have gone through with your tutor anytime. All used materials and notes you write with your tutor will be send to your e-mail right after the lesson.

5. Choosing between Skype and Hangouts.

Are you more familiar with the Google programme Hangouts than with Skype? No problem! You choose, we adjust!

Tutor or native speaker?

Český lektor, nebo rodilý mluvčí? ico lektorČeský lektor

Uklidňuje vás pocit, že když bude nejhůře, můžete si pomoci češtinou?

Chcete si ujasnit gramatiku a máte obavu, že v angličtině nebudete všemu dostatečně rozumět? Pak je český lektor volba přesně pro vás.

Český lektor, nebo rodilý mluvčí? ico rodily mluvci Rodilý mluvčí

Potřebujete se rozmluvit?

Jste pokročilí a chcete výuku výhradně v cizím jazyce? Naši rodilí mluvčí jsou na vás připraveni. Získejte si mezi nimi přátele z celého světa!

We recommend our lessons to applicants of at least pre-intermediate level of language knowledge (level A2 according to CEFR – Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

Are you not sure about your language level?

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Francisco Temprano Langon.cz

Francisco Temprano

The major factor for motivation is to teach a language through its culture so that a student feels the urge to integrate among people speaking the foreign language; in other words, using language not only as a communication tool, but also as a means to recognition of another culture and another world perspective that may enrich a human being.

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Hana Héniková langon

Mgr. Ing. Hana Héniková


Gott gibt die Nüsse, aber er knackt sie nicht. (Goethe)

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Martin Procházka Langon.cz

Martin Procházka


I will be glad to teach to both, business and informal British English and I explain grammar using illustrative examples. And all this is with a great patience and a friendly approach that facilitate a natural absorption of a language. “You will enjoy English.”

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