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How I perceive year 2015

When I look back at year 2015, I feel happy.

I have had loads of lovely moments with my family and friends, we have celebrated our son´s first birthday, we have been building our little house. In early morning hours I have sat in front of my computer over work, not tired, but excited that something new is forming and I am part of it. I have been very happy, I have enjoyed it! The project I started more than three years ago we now call LANGON – languages on line. I have managed to set up a cooperation with a lot of great and experienced people who were and still are a great inspiration for further work. Thanks to them more of us can now show you the KNOW HOW, we can guide you, motivate you and inspire you! At last, language studies can be fun! I personally am convinced about that! 🙂

A one big THANK YOU goes to my family, for the help and support! They know 🙂

A great THANK YOU also to the tutors for their great work, without them, LANGON would not be LANGON! Thank you and I am already looking froward to our cooperation in next year 2016!!!

I wish you all, may the next year 2016 be a happy year for you as much as this year has been happy for me!