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30. 9. 2015


Learning languages on line via internet has its undeniable advantages and represents the future of education. In the past, if you wanted to really learn a language well, you had to decide between two possibilities, attending a language school or travelling abroad for a longer period. However, internet and modern technology has made  the study of a foreign language much easier – all you need is a computer with internet connection, microphone,  earphones and programme Skype.

The great advantage of these lessons is their price, which is much lower than a price of a regular course at a language school, further,  the lessons are more accessible to a larger group of people because they take place from the comfort of home. In this article we bring you 3 tips on how to prepare for language lessons via Skype the best and how to approach the studies so that it is effective and fun.


TIP 1:Study vocabulary and basic phrases

Everybody approaches preparation for the first lesson differently. Some people think they must study the first chapter of a textbook (study material, worksheets) so that nothing can surprise them, alternatively so that they do not embarrass themselves in front of a tutor. Others just briefly run through the materials and expect instructions from the tutor during the lesson. In fact, the golden mean is the best, that is when you learn basic phrases, including greetings and some information about yourself. You can learn sentences such as where you are from, how old you are, where you work, and further possibly some basic information about your family. With regards to a conversation you may also find some polite phrases like “nice to meet you,” apologetic and thank-you phrases very useful. That is truly enough for the very beginning, the tutor will discuss the rest with you.


TIP 2:Don´t give up

If you want to refresh your language skills you previously had via Skype lessons, but you have not used the language for a while, bear in mind that the first lesson will probably be rather challenging. You could even have problems with basic communication which you previously did not have any issues with, and owing to that you may not have the very best feeling from the very first lesson. After the lesson, you may feel tired and you may even feel like forgetting about the whole study. Do not get disconcerted by the amount of things you have forgotten and focus on how to revive your language skills. Read the advice of the article 5 Tips for studying via Skype and try to apply at least some of them within the lessons. Try to concentrate during lessons and soon you will feel your language skills improving. You will begin to understand again and you will no longer have problems expressing yourself. It just takes time and practice.


TIP 3: Don´t be afraid

Some people are afraid of language lessons on Skype because of the assumption that they will not fully understand what the tutor wants from them and they think that this cannot happen at a regular course.  A first introduction to a foreign language does not occur in the form of an examination in front of a blackboard with the teacher giving you questions and you having to provide answers.  A tutor is not here to dredge up information from you, he/she is here to help you and in case of uncertainty you should not be afraid to ask. Anyone can make a mistake, it is important not to worry too much about it, but learn from it. You can check the level of your language skills via our placement testplacement test that may also give you a clue about areas that you need to focus on within the lessons. Do not be afraid to discuss your specific problems with your tutor and what knowledge you wish to gain during the lessons.  For some, it may be important to learn how to talk about their work, others want to master perfect grammar.

We hope that these 3 tips have been useful for you and that the preparation for Skype lessons will be a lot  easier for you now. You can check how you will do during the actual lesson, at the first trial lesson absolutely free!