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27. 4. 2016


Travelling is a top topic throughout the year – thanks to last-minute travel offers it is possible to set out to the azure sea or go hiking and skiing without planning.The notion of having good time and unforgettable experience attracts many of us, but what one should definitely not forget is a good language training.

Let´s get ready for a variety of situations, so that you can say about yourself proudly: I have managed to communicate in

This article will introduce you to some basic phrases that  especially beginners might find useful, but because it still applies that „Repetition is the mother of wisdom“ we recommend you all to read it.

And if you do feel a bit lost in communication in English on your travels, we can arrange a practice on Skype even during your stay! Examine our offers and choose a course that will suit you the most. Remember – the first trial lesson of each course is free!

  1. Do you speak English?
    Mluvíte anglicky?
  2. Can you speak more slowly, please?
    Můžete prosím mluvit pomaleji?
  3. Where can I find a bus / a train / a metro station?
    Kde se nachází zastávka autobusu / vlaku / metra?
  4. How long does the journey take?
    Jak dlouho trvá cesta?
  5. How much does this cost? How much is it?
    Kolik to stojí?
  6. Do you take credit cards?
    Berete kreditní karty?
  7. Where is the exchange?
    Kde najdu směnárnu?
  8. Where is the nearest toilet?
    Kde najdu nejbližší toaletu?
  9. Where can I buy something to eat?
    Kde bych si mohl/a koupit něco k jídlu?
  10. Do you know where there’s an internet café?
    Nevíte, kde bych nešel/našla internetovou kavárnu?
  11. Can you show me on a map how to get there?
    Můžete mi ukázat na mapě, jak se tam dostanu?
  12. Will you write that down for me?
    Můžete mi to napsat?
  13. Do you have any free tables?
    Máte k dispozici volný stůl? (v restauraci)
  14. I need help.
    Potřebuji pomoc.
  15. I’m lost.
    Ztratil/a jsem se.
  16. I am a tourist.
    Jsem turista/ka.
  17. I need a doctor.
    Potřebuji doktora.
  18. I’m allergic to _______.
    Jsem alergický/á na _______.
  19. Have you got this in a smaller / a larger size?
    Máte toto k dostání v menší / větší velikosti?
  20. Excuse me, could you take a photo for me / for us?
    Promiňte, můžete mě / nás vyfotit?

So, now you know 20 useful phrases in English, that will make your travelling abroad easier and more pleasant. If you wish to practice their pronunciation, there is nothing simpler than to try our lessons via Skype.

We have also compiled this dictionary especially for you in the PDF format that you may download here.