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How do we work?

What do our students have in common?

Almost nothing, they are all unique and have different goals, different ideas and wishes, come from different backgrounds, being motivated by different things. And yet our students do have one thing in common and that is the goal – to learn a foreign language.

We are not trying to paint our students with the same brush, but we approach each of them individually and we always try to meet their needs to our best.

What do we focus on?

Our Skype language courses are not just a supplement to regular courses. When compiling the lessons, we concentrate on training all four communication skills: Conversation, Listening, Reading and Writing. Any of you missing grammar? Do not worry, we generally focus on that also!




Individual learning the language via Skype solves the most common problem, namely, how to learn to speak the language fluently. Thanks to our approach and our effective teaching methods you will be able not only to speak with native speakers, but also to think in a foreign language and even dream in it!



A full understanding of the language occurs only when you are able to listen to native speakers and understand it. Lessons via Skype allow a very intense language listening practice that leads to an understanding of its essence.




The ability to read in a foreign language will help you understand even the visual aspects of a language. Our teachers have a wide range of texts and can easily adapt the topics that you are interested in.




Writing in a foreign language is a skill, without which understanding and mastering the language would not be complete. It connects the thought and the visual aspects of the language. Mastering the written word in a foreign language completes the true knowledge of a language.


Our tutors

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