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27. 4. 2016


Travelling is a top topic throughout the year – thanks to last-minute travel offers it is possible to set out to the azure sea or go hiking and skiing without planning.The notion of having good time and unforgettable experience attracts many of us, but what one should definitely not forget is a good language training.... Read More

How I perceive year 2015

When I look back at year 2015, I feel happy. I have had loads of lovely moments with my family and friends, we have celebrated our son´s first birthday, we have been building our little house. In early morning hours I have sat in front of my computer over work, not tired, but excited that... Read More
30. 9. 2015


Learning languages on line via internet has its undeniable advantages and represents the future of education. In the past, if you wanted to really learn a language well, you had to decide between two possibilities, attending a language school or travelling abroad for a longer period. However, internet and modern technology has made  the study... Read More
18. 6. 2015

We have launched a new web for you

Dear visitors, we have just launched our new website and have thus moved the teaching of foreign languages in the Czech Republic a huge step forward, and if you are looking for a quality modern education of foreign languages, our team is here just for you. We will be happy for any of your... Read More